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My passions are writing (particularly poetry), and music. I don't play, but it speaks to me. The written word is a powerful thing, and I plan to use it.

Speaking Out

Out of all my history, all of the things that have happened to me, this has been the hardest one to write about. I have started this post so many times over the years, but today, I think I am … Continue reading

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When I Was 19

*Trigger Warning: Self injury, sexual abuse. Please take care of yourself when reading, make sure you are in a strong place/being supported.* When I was ┬ánewly 19, I was not thinking about College or University. I was not picking courses … Continue reading

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Mothers Are “Someone,” Too

Dear Church, The Mayor of our city was standing on your alter today, promoting the “I Am Someone” anti-bullying campaign in front of the congregation. Normally, I am the first in line to promote such ideas and campaigns. I love … Continue reading

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Just Because it Happened at a Church, Doesn’t Make it Ok

*Trigger Warning: Sexual and religious abuse, and some discussion of self injury. If you can relate, I hope that my story can tell you: you’re not alone. I’m standing with you. I don’t know for sure when it started, but … Continue reading

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I Dated Christian Grey…and I Don’t Care To See Him Again

So, there’s this book/movie that has come out recently: it’s called Fifty Shades of Grey, perhaps you’ve heard of it? Well, I sure have, and I’ve seen the throngs of mommy (and non-mommy) squee-ing over the very idea of a … Continue reading

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Why I Believe the Women Accusing Jian Ghomeshi

*Warning: Adult themes, and descriptions of abuse. While I try to remain candid and not unnecessarily graphic, could be triggering to abuse victims. Reader discretion is advised.* I am taking a little break from my series about church abuse to … Continue reading

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Tonight, I Am Broken

I received news tonight, that a beautiful, brave young woman I knew back in an old church I attended, died at 1:30 pm yesterday. This young woman was the daughter of the pastor: a pastor who made it clear that … Continue reading

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